It’s not wrong to consider what men want us to wear. Regardless of our body style, men love it when we tease a little. This is so common in Europe without issue. American women I think need to adopt this point of view. If American women are having difficulty meeting men, being more talkative and dressing more alluring will be a game changer.





European Teachers look amazing

This is the standard all women should reach for. It’s amazing that these teachers not only look fantastic but they feel comfortable working in it. And kids are used to women looking this way so they think nothing of this in Europe. Nothing is overly sexual. Maybe that’s why there are fewer sexual harassment issues or issues with sex in general. When you are used to seeing women dress this way there is no big mystery. We can take a lesson from this.  (European teachers on break)gt9

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This is really how any man would want us to dress. Every woman has something to offer. Always show off your best assets!

 It seems as if the lovely Carrie LaChance keeps getting hotter by the shoot and this one proves that theory. While I love Carrie in lingerie and, of course, in nothing at all, I have to admit that seeing her in a sexy skirt drives me just as wild. In this super hot shoot, Ms. LaChance starts off in a form fitting body suit and if anybody has the body for it, it’s her, as well as a booty hugging skirt, stockings and her trademark Louboutin heels. Looking soft and sexy, Carrie slowly works her way out of her clothes, exposing what might be the world’s greatest booty and a most vuluptious curves. From bodysuit, to thigh highs and heels, Carrie bares it all for us. I’m pretty sure seeing Carrie in nothing but stockings and heels is the stuff that dreams are made of. This goddess definitely has the goods and keeps blessing her fans with some of the steamiest pics around. To see Carrie in all of her glory in 60 different pictures from this shoot as well as have access to all of her archived pictures and videos, become a VIP member today. You won’t regret it. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #260 | Photos: 60 Video: Pure Innocence | Run Time: 3 Minutes 27 Seconds CREDITS Model: Carrie LaChance Photography: Nate LaChance Photo Editing: Mark Saprykin Cinematography: Nate LaChance Video Editing: Corey Norman Music: Contagion Artist: Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Dave James Hair MUA: Carrie LaChance Shoes: Christian Louboutin Production Assistant: Maggie Rivera Location: ArchEnemys Studios Executive Producer: Nate LaChance

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What do you think?

Whether it’s their culture or sense of style, the women in Russia know what clothing looks beautiful. They lead the way in wearing what looks attractive and it seems the rest of the world, including the United States are just trying to catch up. Russian fashion catches the eye of both men and women alike.  Whether they are wearing vibrant colors, black and white contrasts or the classiest of heels, the Russian woman knows the most attractive color any woman can wear is the color of skin. Russian women are not prudish in their appearance and neither should we!

This Blog is to show and discuss what really is attractive and how we should care more about our appearance. And to remove any stigma that showing more of ourselves is a bad thing or somehow immodest.t49